June 8, 2021

HG Turf Group Has You Covered Across Australia

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HG Turf Group’s network of supply and distribution across Australia for its open space Hybrid – CoverLawn has continued to grow to allow a consistent inventory of product, ready to deliver to market.

Recently, HG Turf Group has agreed to work with Synthetic Grass and Rubber Surfaces Australia in NSW as the main network partner. With its office and warehouse located in Terry Hills and ability to distribute across the state, this strategic relationship allows for ease and dissemination of CoverLawn.

This partner network in NSW compliments the existing network in Australia with our network partner – Grass Sports Australia - Queensland with its office and warehouse in Varsity Lakes, South Australia being supported via Titan Turf with offices and warehouse located in Lonsdale and in Western Australia through TurfCare WA, supporting the network through its warehouse and office in Malaga WA.      

In Victoria, HG Turf Group will continue to supply directly to the market via its main hub and warehouse near Yalca, in Northern Victoria, the shire of Moria. HG Turf Group supports local groups in Victoria such as the Synthetic Project as a supplier and distributer of Coverlawn.

Through our partnerships and networks, CoverLawn is readily available and is used for open space high foot traffic areas across councils, schools, dog parks, golf courses and home lawns.  

“We will support our network partners and distributers across Australia with the supply of our Hybrid – CoverLawn to ensure the market has access on a day-day basis when required”

Hamish Sutherland, Managing Director of HG Turf Group

Partner Network:


Synthetic Grass

A: 3 Tepko Road, TERREY HILLS NSW 2084      

P: 02 9986 1133  

E: renata@syntheticgrass.com.au

W: www.syntheticgrass.com.au



Grassports Australia (QLD) Pty Ltd

A: Unit 2, 1-3 Casua Drive, VARSITY LAKES, QLD 4227  

P: 07 5593 7427 

E: brenden@gsqld.com.au 

W: www.grassports.com.au


Titan Turf Australia

P: 0417898791

E: mike@titanturf.com.au

W: www.titanturf.com.au



Turf Care WA

Michael Maartensz, Director

A: 382 Victoria Road, Malaga, WA 6090

E: michael@turfcarewa.com.au

W: www.turfcarewa.com.au