May 27, 2021

Open Space turf solutions may be right under your feet!

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When people think of HG Turf Group, they usually associate our company with the sports sector and large, elite stadiums like the MCG.  

However, over the past 15 years HG Turf Group has developed an extensive offering in the open space market, now servicing a wide reaching number of customers like Citywide, Serco, Ventia and UMS.

These service providers cover a range of diverse open space locations like dog parks, children’s playgrounds, market and festival lawns, outdoor gyms and sea frontage lawns.

This wide range of community locations allows us to showcase how our solutions are suited to many more possibilities than just sports turf.

These service providers are seeking solutions to many "green challenges" including wear and tear in high traffic areas and the longevity and safety of these shared community spaces. We work closely with organisations to provide positive, safe outcomes no matter what the challenge.  

Hybrid turf is one of our specialist products. A hybrid turf solution can reinforce the increasing demands on active open spaces areas, yet still be maintained with conventional maintenance equipment.

Hybrid turf products like CoverLawn and Xtragrass provide an alternative option to concrete and granitic pathways or increasing mulch areas, enhancing natural grass, environmental sustainability and keeping green spaces looking green!

The next time you walk through Carlton Gardens or the lawns on St Kilda’s South Beach you just may be walking on one of the HG Hybrid turf solutions and not even know it!

Talk to one of our turf experts today if you'd like to know more about how a Hybrid Turf solution can transform your Open Space.