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How to measure your area

So, you’ve chosen the perfect lawn type for your home patch. Now you need to know how much turf you’ll need to transform it. To do that, you need to measure your area accurately. Walk yourself through this task with our five-step guide.

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1. Mark out your turf area

Firstly, you need to mark out your turf area. You can do this by either:

  • Roughly sketching out your area on a piece of paper, or
  • Using chalk spray to mark it out in your yard.
2. Break up the whole turf area into basic shapes

Then, think of your green space like a real-life puzzle. Imagine breaking up your whole turf area into sections by using rectangles, triangles and circles.

Following the method you chose in step one, either:

  • Overlay the turf area you’ve sketched on paper with shapes
  • Outline shapes in your turf area using chalk spray
3. Calculate your shapes

Calculation accuracy is essential. We recommend taking time with this step so you order as close to your needs as possible.

Use the formulas below to calculate the area of each shape.

4. Add all shapes together to get your total

Take your individual shape calculations and add them together to determine the total square metres you need.

Then, add about 5-10% to allow for miscalculations and wastage. It's better to have a touch of turf left, rather than run out before you’re done! That said, don’t add more than 10% to your calculations as we cannot accept returns of unused turf.

So, what does your total turf area calculate to? Take your total and find out how many square metres of turf you need to order.

5. Order your new turf

Make your turf order for a delivery date that allows you enough time to prepare your area for turf to be laid.

Spring & Autumn Orders

The ideal time to order new lawn is spring or autumn. That’s because the daily temperatures are milder and it’s less stressful to the turf. You can secure rolls of turf for your place by making an order in advance.

Winter & Summer Orders

You can also order turf for winter and summer. Due to the conditions of these months, it’s essential that you lay your turf the same day it’s delivered. This helps protect the colour of your turf and prevents further stress.


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