CoverLawn, is a cover which is placed over your lawn! It is easy to install and it protects your natural grass from damage.

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Product Description

CoverLawn, as its name suggests, is a cover which is placed over your lawn. It is easy to install and it protects your natural grass from damage.

Simply roll it out, peg it down, and watch your grass grow from beneath.

CoverLawn is unique. It is an open synthetic turf, with no backing. Via a knitting technique, the synthetic fibres create a braid of knots, and when stretched, these braids form a honeycomb of holes. These holes allow the natural grass to grow through, and the fibres protect the grass from damage.

A true hybrid grass system for open space high wear areas.

CoverLawn can be laid over seed, instant turf, or an existing lawn.

Product Brochure

CoverLawn Brochure Open Spaces

Case Studies

CoverLawn Case Study - Broadbeach Tourist Sign

CoverLawn Case Study - Centennial Park

CoverLawn Case Study - Overflow Carpark Optus Stadium

Reference List

CoverLawn Reference List

Installation Guide

CoverLawn Installation Guide

Product Guide

Code: CL2003
Hole size: approx. 30mm x 30mm, Honeycomb Structure

Pile Denier: Straight: 6000denier/6 filament
Curl: 4000denier/8 filament
Pile height: 20mm +/-5%
Pile weight: 800grams/ m2 +/-5%

Raschel knitting
Gauge: 80 lines/1m

Backing stitches: 295 knots/1m
Pile stitches: 295 stitches/1m
Coating glue: Acrylic glue
Products weight: 1,150 grams/m2 +/-10%

Pile Type: Mono-filament & Polypropylene
Material: Polyethylene & Polypropylene
Shape: Flat
Warp yarn: Polyester 2,000 denier
Welft 1 yarn: Polyester 2,000 denier
Welft 2 yarn: Polyester 2,000 denier
Warp, Weft weight: 200grams/ m2 +/-5%
Piles: 23,600 X 14 (330,400) piles/m2

Glue weight: 150grams/ m2 +/-5%


Width: 3.66m
Length: 25m
Total m2: 91.5m2 per roll

What is CoverLawn?

CoverLawn is a Hybrid Grass Solution. Your natural grass is integrated into the honeycomb base structure, with each honeycomb cell allowing the natural grass to grow through and start an integration process. The integration strengthens the wear area of the naturally growing grass.

In what applications is CoverLawn used?

CoverLawn applications are wide and varied.

Some of the most common areas for CoverLawn use are open spaces, high foot traffic areas, dog parks, coastal restoration areas, non-soft fall children’s play spaces, pathways leading of hard surfaces, golf course cart path to fairway transition areas, shaded areas, tee boxes, uneven surfaces, grass banks, sidewalks, in and around council fixed assets.

Where is CoverLawn available?

CoverLawn is available Australia wide, directly with HG Turf Group, online and through our regional partners.

Can Cover Lawn be used on Sports Fields?

CoverLawn cannot be used on Sports Fields.

However areas such as, entrance or sidewalks for spectators, open space near mounds around seating that have high foot traffic, CoverLawn ideal.

How is CoverLawn Installed?

CoverLawn is a DIY product or can be installed by qualified landscapers or turf installers. A complete install guide and video is available to assist in installation.

Do I need to top-dress Cover Lawn?

It is advisable after installation of CoverLawn that top dressing is completed with sand. It is also advisable that the new installation be roped off or not used until the turf has grown through the CoverLawn and the first mow has been completed.

Can CoverLawn be installed on new turf?

Yes, CoverLawn can be installed over newly installed turf sod.

Can CoverLawn be seeded into?

Yes, CoverLawn can be used on areas that have no established turf. The areas would be prepared as if new turf would be installed. CoverLawn would be installed on the prepared surface and seeded with your selection/ variety of turf seed.

What type of grass can CoverLawn be used with?

CoverLawn can be used with all types of existing turf, new turf and seeded turf.

How do I hold CoverLawn in place?

CoverLawn is held in place with Biodegradable pegs. These can be purchased directly from HG Turf Group or our partners.

What type of CoverLawn maintenance is required?

CoverLawn maintenance is the same as regular turf maintenance. CoverLawn is designed to protect the crown of the plant and mowing heights should be a little longer than normal to take advantage of the Hybrid solution. Hollow tines should never be used with any Hybrid product.

What happens if CoverLawn is damaged during maintenance?

CoverLawn is easily replaceable in small or large sections should it be damaged during regular maintenance or unforeseen circumstances. Just trim the areas that are damaged, replace CoverLawn with a suitable sized piece, re-peg the area affected, then allow turf to re-establish in the damaged area.

What is the warranty period on CoverLawn and what is covered?

CoverLawn is covered by a 5-year product warranty. A full warranty document is available on request.

Do you have installation guidelines for CoverLawn?

Yes, a complete install guideline is available online and in a hard copy should it be required.

Where has CoverLawn been used. Are there any case studies?

Yes, CoverLawn has been used in various locations across Australia, including private and public schools, councils, dog parks, in and around sporting grounds, play areas and open space locations.

Does CoverLawn increase heat factor?

No, CoverLawn does not increase heat factors in any location. CoverLawn is established into turf, protecting the crown of the plant. CoverLawn, once established and maintained, is not visible and provides the area that is used with a harder wearing surface for longer periods of time.

Got questions? We are here to help! Get in touch with one of our turf experts today

What our clients say
“Our open space area, adjacent to Optus stadium had become over-used and unsightly. CoverLawn is a great solution for this area, solving our problem and improving our asset”.
Adam Grant, BGIS WA, Facilities Service Manager – Optus Stadium
“CoverLawn has transformed the Eastern Reserve Dog Park. Park closures have been reduced and the residents and dogs could not be happier! A fantastic result with CoverLawn”.
Tracey Allen, Citywide, Open Spaces Operations Supervisor
"I’d like to thank Peter and his turf laying crew from HG turf for supplying and laying over 1600m2 of kikuyu turf at Dennis Reserve this week. It was well organised, planned as per schedule and looks fantastic. Great job, Thanks again"
Eddy Bondrov, Citywide, Project Manager