We take pride in understanding your needs and matching the most appropriate and highest quality products and services to those needs.

Hybrid Solutions

We offer a range of hybrid solutions customised to meet your unique requirements. Hybrid grass delivers year-round usage, improved longevity and increased performance of your playing surface.

Natural Turf

Our premium sports turf is sand-based and professionally grown. The quality is unrivalled and offers a high performing product that meets the specifications of elite level playing surfaces.


Our knowledge of the global sports turf market is unsurpassed. Through our robust selection process, we work with partners who are committed to developing and supplying innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

No Bare Patches
Protects Natural Turf
Open synthetic, no backing
Dark Green Leaf
Can be Mowed Short
Ideal for Active Play
Fine Leaf
Vigorous Broad Leaf
Less Invasive
Ideal for Premium Homes
Full Sun to Part Shade
Vibrant Green Soft Leaf
Easy to Install
Low Mowing
Summer Water
Premium Lawn
High Traffic
Full Sun
Part Shade
Pet Friendly
Green all year round