XtraGrass unites the positive properties of natural grass with the strength and durability of artificial grass, proving an all-year-round safe grass surface.

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Product Description

The artificial grass fibres are woven into a partially biodegradable backing. Weaving ensures the fibres are anchored for long-term benefit. The biodegradable backing allows the plant’s roots to grow into the sub-base, accessing moisture and nutrients, creating a strong durable plant.

By combining artificial grass with the natural grass, usage hours increase 3x on average. Although the artificial grass is only 5% of the grass surface, it’s enough to sustain high activity after the natural grass is worn away. An all-weather grass surfaces.

XtraGrass can be easily installed on-site and grown in from seed or sprigs. XtraGrass can also be supplied as pre-grown turf, in 40mm thick maxi-rolls, offering instant stability and immediate use after installation.

The public prefer the characteristics and benefits of natural grass. With XtraGrass, you now have the confidence to recommend hybrid grass and receive the best of both worlds.

Key Benefits
  • Usage hours are increased – fibres protect the natural grass
  • Guaranteed stability and safety – sure footed surface
  • Versatile installation – turf replacement or grow-in onsite
  • Responsible investment – long-term performance, end-of-life recycling
  • All weather surfaces
Suitable locations

XtraGrass can be used for the following locations:

  • Market lawns
  • Festival sites
  • Café lawn
  • Activity lawns in schools and universities
  • Food truck lawns
  • Caravan parks
Reference List

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Product Guide

Got questions? We are here to help! Get in touch with one of our turf experts today

What our clients say
“Our open space area, adjacent to Optus stadium had become over-used and unsightly. CoverLawn is a great solution for this area, solving our problem and improving our asset”.
Adam Grant, BGIS WA, Facilities Service Manager – Optus Stadium
“CoverLawn has transformed the Eastern Reserve Dog Park. Park closures have been reduced and the residents and dogs could not be happier! A fantastic result with CoverLawn”.
Tracey Allen, Citywide, Open Spaces Operations Supervisor
"I’d like to thank Peter and his turf laying crew from HG turf for supplying and laying over 1600m2 of kikuyu turf at Dennis Reserve this week. It was well organised, planned as per schedule and looks fantastic. Great job, Thanks again"
Eddy Bondrov, Citywide, Project Manager