AirPAT - Vacuum Ventilation

AirPAT™ is the most advanced natural grass rootzone management system in the world. Employing proprietary vacuum and ventilation technology to generate ideal growing conditions, AirPAT™ delivers superior results in any climate, in any location.

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AirPAT - Vacuum Ventilation

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Product Description

AirPAT™ is designed for total customisation, allowing you to choose features most beneficial to your venue.

These features can include:

  • Vacuum drainage and forced air ventilation
  • Heating and cooling
  • Continuous rootzone monitoring, both onsite and remotely
  • Water conservation via water recycling and sub-irrigation

HG Turf Group is committed to ongoing innovation and providing the very latest and best technology. The AirPAT™ System, developed by our long-term partner, The Motz Group, is testament to this commitment.

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AirPAT™ Vacuum Ventilation System

Product Guide

Research and Development

AirPAT™ has been borne out of evolution, research and development, with an overarching ethos of continuous improvement and being the best in the field. When HG Turf Group Partner, The Motz Group decided to re-engineer the Prescription Athletic Turf (PAT) system to include subsurface rootzone aeration, it was a commitment to improve on what was already available in the market, and to push the boundaries.

A team of civil, mechanical, drainage and software engineers were assembled with the goals set:

  • Optimise the performance and uniformity of both drainage and air in the rootzone
  • Include features that support sustainability and functionality across a wide spectrum of venues globally
  • Design for efficient and affordable construction and maintenance.

Design and Construction

An AirPAT™ system can be designed and constructed under several scenarios:

  • As a fully integrated sports field builder, HG Turf Group can seamlessly take the project from concept to finished product under a formal design and construction contract.
  • Placed in a design assist role, HG Turf Group can support project stakeholders by providing detailed design, written specifications and full construction services.
  • HG Turf Group also offer the AirPAT™ system in situations where alternative field building contractors have been selected. We can supply and install the technology whilst ensuring that all contractors interface together to deliver the best outcome for you.


AirPAT™ provides grounds managers with a variety of advanced tools to support agronomic and turf management decisions. As the world’s leading natural grass rootzone management system AirPAT™ offers the following functions:

  • Gravity and Vacuum enhanced drainage
  • Moisture and Aeration porosity profile management
  • Overhead and sub irrigation
  • Vertical and horizontal air flow through rootzone profile
  • Capturing, conserving and recycling of water
  • Continuous monitoring of the rootzone
  • Additional heating and cooling options

Customised reporting

The AirPAT™ System continually collects a wide array of agronomic and climatic data. Sensors placed in the rootzone log temperature, volumetric water content, oxygen levels and dielectric constant.

The AirPAT™ weather station records temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed, solar radiation and evapo-transpiration. The systems brain and data

logger can store months of continuous monitoring data in order to create valuable benchmarks and trends. The software can produce reports customised by the grounds manager and display results in a wide array of graphical formats, which allow decisions to be made based on precision turf management information.


Got questions? We are here to help! Get in touch with one of our turf experts today

What our clients say
"Thank you to everyone at HG Turf for the excellent service at Como Reserve, a high-quality outcome was achieved in a well organised fashion. A big thanks to Peter and his hands on approach in delivering this result. Thank you to all involved."
Luke Trezise, Turfcare and Hire Pty Ltd, Director
"XtraGrass has transformed the playability at Trevor Barker Beach Oval. The goal square is safe and not scuffing out. It requires little maintenance and blends nicely into the surrounding Santa Ana Couch"
Andrew Lefebvre, Citywide, Operations Manager