XtraGrass unites the positive properties of natural grass with the strength and durability of artificial grass, providing an all year-round, safe playing surface.

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Product Description

The artificial grass fibres are woven into a partially biodegradable backing. Weaving ensure the fibres are anchored for long-term benefit. The biodegradable backing allows the plant’s roots to grow into the sub-base, accessing moisture and nutrients, creating a strong durable plant.

By combining artificial grass with the natural grass, playing hours increase 3x on average. Although the artificial grass is only 5% of the playing surface, it’s enough to sustain play after the natural grass is worn away.

An all-weather playing surface, tested to meet ‘FIFA Quality’ standards.

XtraGrass can be easily installed on-site and grown in from seed or sprigs. XtraGrass can also be supplied as pre-grown turf, in 40mm thick maxi-rolls, offering instant stability and immediate play after installation. Perfect for a goal box replacements!

Players of all levels prefer the playing characteristics and benefits of natural grass. With XtraGrass, you now have the confidence to recommend hybrid grass and receive the best of both worlds.

Key Benefits
  • Playing hours are increased – fibres protect the natural grass
  • Guaranteed stability and safety – sure footed playing surface
  • Versatile installation – turf replacement or grow-in onsite
  • Responsible investment – long-term performance, end-of-life recycling
  • All weather surface
Suitable Sports

XtraGrass is proud to play a role in improving the experience across many sports including:

  • AFL
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Soccer

XtraGrass has been tested extensively and meets all peak body regulations and playing standards across these sports. It has performed at all levels from clubs and schools to professional competitions and elite international sporting events.

Whether it be a full field installation, or an installation in a high-wear area, XtraGrass can be supplied to suit.

Product Brochures

XtraGrass for AFL

XtraGrass for Soccer

XtraGrass for Cricket

XtraGrass for Rugby

Case Studies

XtraGrass - SOCCER Kingston Heath Reserve

XtraGrass - AFL Trevor Barker Beach Oval

XtraGrass - CRICKET Mont Albert

XtraGrass - SOCCER Australian Catholic University

XtraGrass - RUGBY Nixon & Gribblehirst Park

XtraGrass - SOCCER South Park Liverpool

Reference List

XtraGrass Reference List Victoria

Product Guide

Got questions? We are here to help! Get in touch with one of our turf experts today

What our clients say
"Thank you to everyone at HG Turf for the excellent service at Como Reserve, a high-quality outcome was achieved in a well organised fashion. A big thanks to Peter and his hands on approach in delivering this result. Thank you to all involved."
Luke Trezise, Turfcare and Hire Pty Ltd, Director
"XtraGrass has transformed the playability at Trevor Barker Beach Oval. The goal square is safe and not scuffing out. It requires little maintenance and blends nicely into the surrounding Santa Ana Couch"
Andrew Lefebvre, Citywide, Operations Manager