SISGrass is an advanced reinforced turf system, which is a 95% natural grass surface with high performance polyethylene fibres inserted into the surface, offering more playing hours and faster pitch recovery than 100% natural surfaces.

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Product Description

SISGrass technology has been developed to cater for all major sports, including AFL, soccer, rugby, golf, cricket and tennis.

SISGrass machines can cater to a variety of clients, from full-size football pitches to cricket wickets and is an installed hybrid surface, bespoke to your requirements.

Benefits of SISGrass

SPEED - SISGrass machines operate up to 3 times faster than other systems on the market.

ACCURACY - Greater accuracy of installation thanks to the Laser-guided system.

ELECTRIC MACHINES - our electric machines can reduce the carbon footprint of each pitch installation and reduce the risk of oil leaks

BESPOKE - Stitch spacing can be tailored to customers’ requirements and budget.

SAFE - Flat tracks for minimal turf surface disturbance.

FIBRES - Unique durable two tone fibres that meet the requirements of FIFA and World Rugby.

PATENTED - Mechanism which allows the machine to insert the synthetic fibres efficiently and accurately.

MANY APPLICATIONS - a system that is not only dedicated to football and rugby but can reinforce any natural grass playing surface.

Product Brochures

SISGrass for Football, Rugby, AFL & Field Sports

SISGrass for Tennis

SISGrass for Golf

SISGrass for Cricket

Reference List

SISGrass Reference List

Product Guide

Got questions? We are here to help! Get in touch with one of our turf experts today

What our clients say
"Thank you to everyone at HG Turf for the excellent service at Como Reserve, a high-quality outcome was achieved in a well organised fashion. A big thanks to Peter and his hands on approach in delivering this result. Thank you to all involved."
Luke Trezise, Turfcare and Hire Pty Ltd, Director
"XtraGrass has transformed the playability at Trevor Barker Beach Oval. The goal square is safe and not scuffing out. It requires little maintenance and blends nicely into the surrounding Santa Ana Couch"
Andrew Lefebvre, Citywide, Operations Manager