Perfect for 1 to 3 day events. BIG impact on game day yet easily and quickly erasable after the event!

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Product Description

The AIR printing system relies on a gentle stream of air to precisely bend small “pixels” of grass. Minimal layout and groundskeeper interference  are realised. Two simple points, commercial, laser or GPS technology delivers repeatable, centimetre positioning.

Ideal conditions for high contrast graphics are qualified by the presence of existing mowing stripes. Basically, any field surface that can be striped will accept printing and deliver brilliant results. Uniform (stadium) lighting, used during night games can degrade contrast, again observe your mowing stripes.

The result is fast, grass friendly detail with daily or weekly re-print capability. Weather concerns are no problem, the printing process and desirable contrast are enhanced with reasonable precipitation.

It’s a simple process… Talk to us about your project ideas such as; type of event, desired imagery, print size, type of turf and specific field location for the final print.  Email us your logo or photos and our design team will create an exceptional promotional piece for you.  

On print day, the final optimised artwork is then uploaded to the TurfPrinter using our mobile technology app and then the magic happens!  

Get ready to engage your audience and sponsors with stunning hi-def imagery on turf or pitch.

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Got questions? We are here to help! Get in touch with one of our turf experts today

What our clients say
"Thank you to everyone at HG Turf for the excellent service at Como Reserve, a high-quality outcome was achieved in a well organised fashion. A big thanks to Peter and his hands on approach in delivering this result. Thank you to all involved."
Luke Trezise, Turfcare and Hire Pty Ltd, Director
"XtraGrass has transformed the playability at Trevor Barker Beach Oval. The goal square is safe and not scuffing out. It requires little maintenance and blends nicely into the surrounding Santa Ana Couch"
Andrew Lefebvre, Citywide, Operations Manager